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I love my Spa Shop Hot tub! It is the most relaxing, de-stressing thing for me at the end of a long day. I bought it because of Spa Shops reputation for service and they haven't let me down. They have been incredible.

Whenever I have had a question or problem, Mike and his crew have been available to talk to me or come out to the house to troubleshoot and take care of whatever the hot tub needs. I love that I don't have to worry about this one part of my home. Spa Shop is the Lexus of hot tub service.

Google user

Only good things to say about the Spa Shop. We purchased an Aventine Spa by Cladera about 9 months ago. The buying experice was very pleseant (no pushy salesman). Their expertise and true concern for our needs where evident from the purchase, to the setup and with all our followup questions. Our Spa is used daily and has perfomed flawlessly. Would buy here again!

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It has been a year since I bought my Hot Springs Spa from Mike and Kathy. My husband uses it every day! We are so glad we bought from a family owned, local shop. Accessories and supplies are always in stock with no pressure to buy. With customer service like this, why go off the Peninsula?

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Who new a hot tub could save a life? My hot tub from The Spa Shop become my little cocoon helping me mentally, physically and spiritually as I did in-home 24/7 care of my husband with advanced Parkinson's Disease until end-of-life. In essence, I believe our investment in a hot tub saved my own life.

The hot tub soothed my aching body, allowed me a quiet and warm place to relax for both prayer and to give thanks. Sometimes I would hop in three times a day even if it was just for a few minutes. Thank you Mike and the staff at The Spa Shop for making a difference in my life. My hot tub became my own personal spa shop!!!

Kathy Malnory, Port Angeles

Friendly knowledgeable staff, always go the extra mile for customers!

John Barrett

Just had to repair a 4 year old hot tub that was bought elsewhere (and was out of business). Mike and Troy did a great job of troubleshooting it, getting a part in and fixing it. Won my business in the future. Great guys, great work, great attitude.

Harry and Linda Tackett of Forks

Two friends have this model and I had no better source. Both said the service from the Spa Shop was outstanding.

Al Bergstein

Two friends have this model and I had no better source. Both said the service from the Spa Shop was outstanding.

Mr. Templeton of Port Ludlow

I have a permanent disability from a car accident 4 years ago. Prior to getting our Hot Spring Spa, I was seeing a chiropractor and a physical therapist 2 times a week each. Since we have gotten the spa I have no need to go to either.

I do not suffer the daily pain that I had before. I get instant relief from the Moto Massage. It is the best investment we ever made.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

We use our spa almost every day… This spa has been one our best purchases since we retired…. We have had our spa nearly 3 years and love it!!

Mr. Dupuis of Port Angeles

There are no surprises with this spa… it’s very reliable…. Thanks to Mike, for selling something that I enjoy more than I thought I would.

Mr. Hollingsworth of Port Angeles

The Moto-Massage jet is a particularly good feature….. It has helped our arthritis problems… We do not find maintenance difficult.

Mr. Hultgren of Port Angeles

I begin the day at 6 am in the spa, then soak again before supper and again before bed time... The kinks, stresses, and sore muscles are soothed... It is great. Thanks!

Mr. Roberts of Port Townsend

Dear Mike, As you know Margaret and I have been you customers these past 10 years and have been very pleased with the prompt service you have provided. You have followed thru on any warranties that need replacement. Our first hot tub was purchased in 1990 and installed at our Sunland home.

When we purchased a second home in Palm Desert, we moved that spa, and have been very pleased with the service in Palm Desert. About 5 years ago we purchased another Spa which you installed at our Port Angeles home.

Bob and Margaret Rolfsness

Dear Mike, Gary and crew,

Thank you for all your effort in getting my hot tub back in shape. Everything works fine. I appreciate all you have done. Have a good year.

Mr. Walton of Port Angeles

Many thanks for having your service tech come so quickly to service our hot tub. Can’t believe that everything is working so well, after not running for so long, I guess that means that the spa you suggested is a very good product.

Mr. Foster of Port Angeles