Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I clean my spa filter?

Your filter should be cleaned monthly and there are several ways to accomplish this.

  1. When new, you can hose off your filter with a high-pressure nozzle on your garden hose.
  2. You can soak or spray your filter using a filter cleaner & degreaser product, (available at any retailer who carries spa chemical and accessories, such as Thurman’s here locally) You can also soak your filter in a 5 gallon bucket with automatic dishwasher soap or TSP mixed with water. Make sure to rinse your filter thoroughly before replacing it in your spa.
  3. Putting your filter through your automatic dishwasher is another option. Do not put it through the dry cycle. Again, Rinse thoroughly.

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How do I maintain my hard cover in optimal condition?

The average life of a hard cover is most commonly 5-7 years. It should be conditioned to maintain it’s water repellency and discourage oxidizing. At least twice a year, condition your cover with saddle soap or a cover care product made for spa covers.

Using a floating solar cover under your hard cover also delays steam absorption into the foam cores which, over time, makes your cover heavier.

How often do I test my spa water?

Besides maintaining proper sanitization levels in your spa, which will vary depending on your choice of sanitizer, you need to test and balance your Total Alkalinity, PH and Calcium Hardness levels. We recommend testing your sanitizer levels every day for the first week of spa ownership.

This way you can fine tune your levels based on your usage. The other tests we recommend checking once a week. Use a spa test kit or test strips geared for your particular type of sanitizer.

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