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Fantasy Spas are 115v plug-in ready; requiring no additional electrical connections.

All you need is a nearby hose and a dedicated 115v outlet and you'll be relaxing before you know it!

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Beyond easy setup, Fantasy Spas are easy to maintain. Constructed of technologically advanced polymers, the unicast shell is beautiful, but RokSolidT™ - virtually impervious to the elements.

As the years go by you'll appreciate the low operating costs resulting from Fantasy Spas' intelligent engineering. The walls of each spa are completely filled with polyurethane insulation to provide maximum efficiency and strength.

Fantasy Spas also offer a dual speed therapy system so you can soak while being gently massaged, or increase the power for a more vigorous deep-tissue massage.

All Fantasy spas are pre-plumbed to accept an after-market ozonation system that can eliminate up to 80% of chemical use. Fantasy spas are available in two exciting colors: Granite or Sahara. Standard equipment also includes a Gray color ATSM registered safety cover with locking clips adding convenience and safety to your spa experience.